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Remodeling Tips

Remodeling Tips or What NOT To Do When Remodeling Your Kitchen

1. Do not over improve your kitchen.

If you live in an area of typical “chevy homes”, don’t spend “Ferrari” money on your kitchen. When you sell your home you will not get a full return on your investment.

2. Why are you remodeling your kitchen?

If the remodel is part of preparing your home to sell, use a neutral color scheme. Light oak cabinets, beige countertops, neutral flooring and beige appliances.

If you plan to live in the home for years, select what you want.

3. Do not nickel and dime yourself.

Many people try to reuse existing fixtures and appliances. That old sink may save you 250.00 but if doesn’t really match the new fixtures, then you won’t be happy with the mismatch. The older appliances may work, but they may break down. For example, you could use the old dishwasher but what happens if it breaks down and floods your new kitchen? It could result in damage to your brand new kitchen.

4. Plan ahead for your kitchen remodel.

    • Where are you going to eat while your kitchen is torn apart
    • Where will you do dishes?
    • Can you use paper or plastic during the remodel?
    • What about your morning coffee?
    • Where are you going to store all the “stuff” you have in your kitchen while you are remodeling?

5. Step back, look at the whole kitchen project.

    • Do you need more room?
    • Walls can be moved during a remodel.
    • Do you need more light?
    • Can you add a window?
    • Have you thought about a skylight?
    • Would can lights help?

Kitchens are remodeled on average every 25 years. Step back and look at the big picture. You will be looking at this picture every day for the next 20+ years. Make sure it is what you want, do it right.